The Coop Pavees

nuovo logo pavees 2-01The Cooperative Pavees was founded in 1997 and from 2003 dealt with what back then seemed to be a life-long dream, the Butterfly House in Bordano. In eleven years of operation we grew and developed both the Butterfly House and the village that hosts it.

Our mission is to promote the conservation of animals and their habitats. We aim to bring home to our visitors that we humans also belong to the natural world and that, consequently, we have a responsibility to the planet we live on. In recent years we have worked hard to bring the Butterfly House to the level it has reached, our passion for what we do having helped us overcome even the most difficult moments. The Cooperative has provided work for many people in the town and includes local trades-people among its members, because what we have achieved has been important for the entire community.

From 1st September 2014, the Pavees Soc. Coop. soars upwards to a new adventure: the Regional Natural Reserve of the Lake of Cornino.