Since the timewe were managing the Butterfly House at Bordano we have participated in and organized awareness campaigns to promote respect for the natural environment. In the past we have also been partners in conservation projects for endangered species and vulnerable environments.

Finally, we have worked with the State Forestry Police’s CITES team, giving technical support and the initial reception for animals seized during raids.

Now with the Regional Natural Reserve of the Lake of Cornino we want to maintain and expand the projects already undertaken and would like to work with many others!

Conservation campaigns: Project Griffon 

The Griffon conservation project started in the late 80s in the Friulian pre-Alps. It seeks to stem the decline of vulture population in the Alps and the Adriatic area by providing food and supporting the establishment of new colonies

In order to attain this goal a feeding point was created and 75 griffons were released. All of them were marked with coloured plastic rings, while some were fitted with GPS transmitters that allow the bird’s movements to be follow from afar.

The techniques and strategies used are original as this is the first project of its kind in Italy.

Currently the colony has about 150 griffons in winter and over 200 in spring and summer, when individuals arrive from Croatia, France, Spain, Bulgaria, Serbia, etc. About 30 pairs nest along the central section of the valley of the River Tagliamento.

The project is supported by fund from the Autonomous Region of Friuli Venezia Giulia and is managed by the Municipalities of Forgaria nel Friuli and Trasaghis.

The initiative is of great importance not only from a conservation and scientific perspective view, but for its role in the popularization of science and ecotourism. In fact, it has permitted an ever wider public to get to know the ecological characteristics and problems facing griffons and other bird of prey.

The area is fascinating for bird-watching and is used by many species, lying as it does on a migration route that is very busy in spring and autumn.

To see the feeding point ‘live feed’ click here!

Osservati Speciali

Modern equipment for research and monitoring of these magnificent vultures have been installed in 2013, with the precious help form different members of the Unione Italiana degli Zoo e degli Acquari, UIZA.

In support of the research and study by the Reserve’s technicians and experts, two high-definition cameras, active around-the-clock, have been installed to monitor the griffon vulture feeding point. One of the two cameras will work as a webcam connected via the Internet and will be visible to the public.

On 25th May 2013 experts, technicians, ornithologists, public administration, international associations, Italian and European zoological institutions took stock of the OSSERVATO SPECIALE, the griffon, which connects Europe with a flap of its wings, from the Pyrenees to Austria, from Abruzzo to Sardinia, as far as Africa.

This important result was achieved thanks to the precious support and financial contribution from different members of UIZA (Unione Italiana Giardini Zoologici e Acquari). UIZA and the Parco Natura Viva di Bussolengo also finance GPS transmitters that provide useful information about the birds’ movements.

To see the feeding point ‘live feed’ click here!

Environmental Education and Awareness Campaigns: International Vulture Awareness Day

Vultures are an ecologically vital group of birds that face a range of threats in many areas that they occur. Populations of many species are under pressure and some species are facing extinction.

The International Vulture Awareness Day has grown from Vulture Awareness Days run by the Birds of Prey Programme in South Africa and the Hawk Conservancy Trust in England, who decided to work together and expand the initiative into an international event.

It is now recognised that a co-ordinated international day will publicise the conservation of vultures to a wider audience and highlight the important work being carried out by the world’s vulture conservationists.

On the first Saturday in September, the aim is for each participating organisation to carry out their own activities that highlight vulture conservation and awareness. This website, established in July 2009, provides a central place for all participants to outline these activities and see the extent of vulture conservation across the world

Additionally this webpage is a valuable resource for vulture workers to learn about the activities of their colleagues and to perhaps develop new collaborations or exchange information.


Griffon vultures followed via GPS trackers

Within the collaboration between the Nature Reserve of Cornino Lake and the High Tauern National Park (LE-geförderten Projektes “Große Greifvögel im Nationalpark Hohe Tauern”), five juvenile griffon vultures have been captured on the feeding point and then provided with GPS trackers, on 4th July 2017.

The purpose of this operation is to monitor the movements of birds that travel long distances between the nesting colonies in Friuli and Croatia, and Friulian, Slovenian and Austrian Alps.

GPS trackers have been fastened on the birds’ back with elastic strings. This technique is frequently employed and causes neither harm nor impediment to the birds. The devices are innovative and light, extremely efficient and solar powered.

GPS position is transmitted in GSM network and can provide up to 500 positions (coordinates and elevation of the flight) per day for a few years.

Movements of these five griffon vultures can be followed on the website of the Nature Reserve of Cornino Lake through maps that highlight the territory and the trajectory followed by the birds. Information about date and time of passage can be obtained by clicking on the dots. The maps are automatically updated whenever the trackers transmit new data by SMS.


Green ring tag Birth Weight (kg) Tracker  
F74 2015 8 PNHT  
F75 2015 7 PNHT  
F77 2013 8,1 PNHT  
F80 2016 7 RNRLC  
CDX 2016 7,8 PNHT Born in Croatia